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Flusher gates for passively controlling flow and fluid height in sewers and water systems

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HYDRAPULSE™ is a gate device that controls the flow of effluent to minimise the effect of Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG), silt and other deposits. It maintains sewer cleanliness passively and thus reduces maintenance costs whilst offering additional environmental and customer benefits.

HYDRAPULSE™ is installed in sewer manholes where the network is subject to blockages due to FOG, sags in the line, or where solids are deposited due to low flow. The head of fluid that builds upstream of the gate, together with its unique design, provides an instantaneous snap opening and closing that ensures a flushing wave of wastewater with maximum volume and velocity to flush and cleanse the downstream sewer effectively.

Developed by industry experts the HYDRAPULSE™ is unique in the sector

  • Advanced material selection suitable for harsh environmental conditions.
  • Features to ensure “digital snap” effect between open and closed states.
  • Instantaneous gate opening ensures high energy flush wave.
  • Advanced gate seal technology to ensure high reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • Anti-snag design features ensuring clear flow through the gate.
  • Constant changes in the effluent level help prevent FOG adhering to the sewer walls, therefore creating an upstream cleansing effect.


Framework offers overflow route during storm conditions, so inherently “fail safe”.


Installation is achieved easily with guidance and training provided.

Installation can be carried out by water companies or their contractor.

Different side panel and framework options to accommodate different manhole geometries, whilst retaining overflow (fail-safe) route for effluent.

Multiple gates recommended in high FOG and silt areas to keep the energy of the flush wave high and keep the FOG mobilised.

Data Logger & Telemetry Module

Know what’s happening and when.

  • Sensor used to record gate activations.
  • Time stamp information supports evaluation of gate utilisation:Flow rate can be inferred.
  • Supports continuous and remote monitoring of the gate.
  • Relays data remotely via GSM or radio network.
  • Uploads data onto server for remote access.

HYDRAPULSE™ working in a problematic low flow sewer. Gate installed with an ultrasonic depth monitor for remote analysis.


HYDRAPULSE™ to ensure maximum hydraulic capacity within highway storm drains and culverts. Reduces the risk of highway flooding incidents.

Storm Drains

Maintains flow capacity and reduces sight flooding risk within private estates, such as: airports, industrial facilities and housing estates.


Maintains sewer hydraulic capacity and reduces sewer cleaning and maintenance costs to achieve totex reduction targets in sewer networks.


Manage fluid level and maintain flow capacity in irrigation channels. Also used to flush culvert systems passing under buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

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