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An inline sampling device to identify the source of high risk items and misconnections in sewers




Case Studies

The TRAP has been developed as an inline sampling device to identify the source of high risk items that could cause blockages in sewers. In addition, The TRAP can be used as a deployment platform for a number of different sensors into harsh sewer environments. This will enable the asset owner to extract important information on the operating conditions of their sewer network.

The TRAP is designed to be left in place for a pre-determined amount of time, after which point the asset owner can remove the device and inspect the contents. Targeted awareness campaigns can then carried out with the local inhabitants. The TRAP is designed not to contribute to the cause of the blockage if it is left in longer than expected.

As a secondary use, TRAP can be used as a collection device for debris displaced upstream during the cleansing process.


  • Multiple screens for targeted detection:
    • FOG.
    • Wipes.
    • Silt.
  • Installed and removed from the surface.
  • Anchor mechanism and tether to prevent movement.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Overflow function for when the trap becomes full.
  • Can be used to collect Debris displaced in Cleansing Cycle.
  • Can be installed in a number of different configurations:
    • No end mesh.
    • Coarse/Medium/Fine.
    • Mesh bag.
  • Rag sample strip in the bore for collection.
  • Deployment of oil and gas tracer technology to indicate the presence of key substances:
    • Engine Oil.
    • FOG.
    • Paint.

Identifying The Source Of High Risk Items

The TRAP can intercept high risk items and identify their source.

Awareness campaigns can then be carried out with the local residents on the importance of not flushing the troublesome items into their drains.

Identifying The Source Of Misconnections

The TRAP can be deployed in storm drains to identify the presence of foul water flow allowing steps to be taken to identify the source of the misconnection.

Awareness campaigns can then be carried out by the relevant authorities to raise the awareness of sewer misconnections.

Application Areas

  • Sanitary Sewers.
  • Storm Sewers.
  • Conduits.

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